Stanley Crossick, 1935-2010

Sad news. Stanley Crossick, a solicitor, think tank leader, political analyst, writer, speaker and media commentator, and a well-known figure in Brussels circles, passed away yesterday. Stanley was also a very active blogger. His last post was on just 23 October – ironically, it was about the sad passing away of Max Kohnstamm. Stanley was the Director and Founding Chairman of The European Policy Centre, in its own words, ‘a proactive, Brussels think tank, driven by business and the other economic and social actors, which focuses on key internal and external issues of European integration’. Stanley was a passionate believer in the process of European integration and in the goal of European Union. Latterly, he was a fervent believer in the importance of Sino-European relations. He was generous with his advice, learned advice that I sought eagerly and he gave generously as I took up the cudgels as Secretary General. But I am sure he will be remembered primarily for what he always was; a thoroughly nice and decent human being.

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  1. John Wyles

    Good words Martin. Stanley was always a very steadfast friend to me and a source of sage advice. His views on Europe were extraordinarily coherent and consistent and very far from starry eye idealism. He applied Monnet’s nostrum about thought and action, very often deliberately out of the spotlight.
    I am in Australia and return on Friday.



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