Today we were all still bathing in the warm glow created by yesterday evening’s concert. We went for a walk alongside the River Lesse, walking a circular path to the Château of Restreigne and back to Chanly. The autumn trees were spectacularly, vividly beautiful – blazes of red, flashes of yellow, blasts of orange. Later, we drove back to Brussels and in the evening settled down with a jewel of a film, Shine, loosely based on the life of Australian piano genius David Helfgott. The film got a lot of stick for taking liberties with Helgott’s true life story and I can understand how his nearest and dearest might have been hurt. But it is a good story, well told and well acted. Its theme made me think that there are more than enough films about pianos and pianists for there to be a festival on the theme: Polanski’s The Pianist; Jane Campion’s The Piano; Truffaut’s Shoot the Piano Player;… Indeed, I was going to set faithful readers the challenge of listing more, but then I did a quick search on Wiki and, would you believe it, there is an (incomplete) list there.