This morning I attended the opening seminar for a week of well-being (or of good health), jointly organised by our staff committee and directorate for human resources. The simple aim is to help all colleagues to understand that well-being is something that can be encouraged and enhanced through exercise, diet, stress management and through the generation of a positive philosophy towards the working environment. For a week we will be running a series of workshops for colleagues on these themes and others and, thanks to the cooperation of our caterers, Sodhexo, the canteen will be offering a special balanced menu for participants (in addition to their usual healthy range of foods). For our kick-off session we had a guest speaker who got us all doing breathing exercises and – believe it or not – organised a laughing session. The illustration (of a breathing exercise) was taken by naughty Raffaele but I forgive him. It was all for a good cause. It was also great fun.