Tonight, thanks to N° 1 sprog, we watched a DVD of Akram Kahn’s Sacred Monsters. It is brilliantly danced (by Kahn and Sylvie Guillem). Perhaps the most beautiful part is here. With a view to a forthcoming project I am studying words and music at the moment (I hope to post a piece about John Adams shortly) but here was a piece about words and dance. Just as fascinating as the piece itself, therefore, were the ‘extras’ on the DVD and, in particular, an extended interview with Kahn. As Judith Mackrell has written, what he and Guillem do in this piece is no less and no more than ‘evoke the emotional and intellectual journeys that made them unleash their monsters and try to escape their respective traditions.’ It is a fascinating project; two beautiful beings from two very different cultures inviting us into their intimacy and vulnerability.