RevolverIn the continuing deal with N° 2 sprog, I last night finished Marcus Sedgwick’s Revolver. I just wish Sedgwick had been writing when I was a kid. Like The Foreshadowing, this book is different from Sedgwick’s more typical output inasmuch as it is – vaguely – based in a real world. Sedgwick meticulously researched his material, whether by, for example, spending time in sub-zero temperatures in Northern Sweden, or firing live weapons (as the title suggests, a Forty-four Forty Colt plays a major part in the story) in Estonia. This experience led Sedgwick to write the following in an Author’s Note: ‘If I had expected firing a gun to be frightening or difficult, I was wrong. The only scary thing about firing a gun is just how easy it is. Too, too easy. I was also struck by the strong desire I had to do it again, which is also a chilling thing to realise.’  Food for thought.