Tonight came the quid pro quo for Alien last week. Since we’ve got the box set, N° 2 sprog insisted we should watch Predator. Made six years after Alien, Predator is in effect in another genre and another league, although the basic plot line is the same: super-efficient alien killer takes out one character after another until we are down to… Sigourney Weaver (Alien) and Arnold Schwarzenegger (Predator). Hmmm… Predator got pasted for its weak plot line and yet it was Arnie who insisted that the plot had to consist of more than a one-on-one between him and the monster. Also, unlike Alien, the plot rockets forwards so fast you don’t have time to notice that you have left your belief suspended whilst all sorts of silly things go on. So; reasonable entertainment of the thrills and spills type – OK for when the weather closes in on the mountains.