This evening, at dusk, the dog took us for a walk across agricultural land near Leuven. We walked past field after field of potato plants. They are in blossom at the moment, some producing white flowers, some a sort of pale mauve colour. This is bintje country and what is currently under the ground will be in Belgian bellies in one way or another in the autumn. The lateness of the hour and the failing light meant that, notwithstanding the dog’s presence, there was a lot of wildlife about. We saw over twenty hares. In daylight they would be gone like a flash but in the twilight they seemed happy to lope along, sometimes quite near to us. It could also be a form of animal arrogance; a way of letting the dog know that they’re  confident he’ll never catch them. Certainly the dog seemed happy at times to pretend that he wasn’t seeing them and therefore didn’t need to give chase!