Belgium, Brussels, May 04 2013 - The European Economic and Social Committee welcomes visitors to its premises on Open Doors Day<br />
<p>2013_05_04_Open_Doors_Day_2013It was Open Doors Day in the European Union’s institutions all day today and once again the European Economic and Social Committee threw its doors open and welcomed European citizens into its Jacques Delors headquarters building – the house of organised civil society. Our new President, Henri Malosse, made a rousing speech to the volunteers – members and officials – before the doors opened at ten o’clock and then they were away! It was a beautiful day and so, understandably, visitor numbers were down compared to last year. On the other hand, the atmosphere was as good, if not better. In addition to our standard favourites – music, the computer quiz, the photo booth, send a postcard and children’s corner – this year the Committee offered a gameshow and zumba sessions. The last was infectious good fun. But there is also a pedagogic side to these occasions and our volunteer members were out in force, accompanying our guests and explaining to them how the Committee ensures that the voice of organised civil society is heard in the EU’s policy processes. All too soon, it seemed, it was six o’clock and the day was over. As we volunteers gathered for a celebratory glass afterwards, in the company of our new Vice-President for Communication, Jane Morrice, we had a satisfying sense of a job well done. It was genuinely a team effort but this post would not be complete without a complimentary mention of the excellent coordination work of our Super Fabi. Well done, everybody!