SherlockWe saw Guy Ritchie’s version of Sherlock Holmes this afternoon, with Robert Downie Jr and Jude Law pairing up to play Holmes and Watson. It’s a great romp with a lot of good gags. Robert Maillet’s Dredger must be the best comic giant bruiser since Richard Kiel’s Jaws in the James Bond films (hammers bounce off of him). Poetic licence is taken with a London that has more to do with Disney than with Conan Doyle (Tower Bridge is within a short dash of the Palace of Westminster, for example), but somehow none of that matters. I was convinced Downie Jr’s English accent was dubbed, but it’s all his own work. With a sequel planned and the Iron Man sequel already in the can, Downie Jr is in the clover and, on the strength of these performances, he deserves to be. For the Holmes sequel we will meet Professor Moriarty (who keeps to the shadows in the first film), rumoured to be a role for Brad Pitt…. Could be good, could be good.