Irini Pari

The morning’s plenary session went smoothly. In the European Parliament there are always some Vice-Presidents better at presiding over complicated plenaries and voting sessions, and they are naturally preferred by the administration for those duties. (Complications arise, however, when Vice-Presidents erroneously believe that they are good and insist on chairing. When I was working with the Parliament one VP, who shall remain nameless, was renowned for the chaotic scenes he frequently created.) But the Parliament has 14 Vice-Presidents. We have just two, Irini Pari and Seppo Kallio, but both are very good and so we, as an administration, are very fortunate. This morning, in the absence of our President, Irini chaired and all went well. Among important topics discussed were the combat against deforestation, the impact of legislative barriers on the single market, promoting competitiveness. You can read about the plenary’s work here.