Michel Claes

In the middle of August my good friend, Michel Claes, passed away. We became friends through relatives and mutual friends. We shared an enthusiasm for dirty humour and practical jokes, though I couldn’t match his fecundity in the latter department. Our friendship was consolidated when he and his wife asked me to be Godfather to their daughter, a flattering and touching invitation that I was delighted to accept. Lithe and muscularly wiry, his favourite sport was rock climbing and, a very clever man, he was an amateur astronomer. He could have done much in life, but he chose to devote his life to others, living quietly and modestly. He leaves a huge hole in the charitable organisation for which he worked and is much missed by his many friends. In the photograph you can be sure that I have just sat on something suitably unpleasant. You had to be on your wits when Michel was about!

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  1. Pauline Claes

    Hello Martin,

    Je viens seulement de lire ton petit texte sur mon papa.
    En effet, il t’aimait beaucoup aussi et adorait vos jokes et autres cocasseries.
    Aujourd’hui, ça fait 6 mois qu’il est parti.
    Ca fait déjà si longtemps, c’est fou, j’ai l’impression que c’était hier.
    Gros bisous

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