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This morning, at 07.30, as I came into work, something simple but wonderful happened ; it was light. The previous day, it had been still night, but this morning it was light. I can’t explain it, but this difference was hugely important to me and now, as I gaze out from my office, the simple fact that it is day  is somehow comforting. It is a feeling that things are as they should be. Going into work whilst it’s still dark gives the impression somehow that something is not right, that something, the night, is being taken away from us.  The early light also hints at lengthening days and the coming of spring and that, in turn, puts a song in the soul.

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  1. Ana

    So true, I didn’t see this post of yours yesterday, but this morning coming to the office I felt for once like not taking the metro (for the huge distance of 2 stops between Merode and Maalbeck). I instead went for the other lazy men method: 2 stops on the Bus 22 and then walking down from 50naire to the EESC. The encouraging green shades on the Parc Leopold lawns made me think life was going to be much more beautiful in the coming months when arriving to work: coming at 8.30 straight from the metro and surrounded by the dark one has the impression the previous evening did not end yet.
    The trees in front of my building are starting to blossom in a shy but encouraging manner. Next to being a barometer, and an impressive piece of nature’s artwork, they also act like an interesting encouragement: there’s always light over there, at the end of the dark tunnel…

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