We did it! With the exam season safely out of the way this evening we enjoyed the last episode of the American television series, Lost, having watched our way slowly through six seasons over several months. ‘How will it all end?’ the sprogs kept asking me. My constant reply was ‘ in a significant decline in ratings.’ Joking aside, having written and filmed such a complex creative exercise, literally by the seats of their pants, the writing and production team faced a fresh challenge in scripting an ending that would satisfy the series’ followers. The consensus among the Westlakes was that they succeeded. Indeed, the quality of the writing throughout the series has rarely flagged and the series surely deserves its stellar reputation. It is no mean feat to keep children and adults glued to their chairs whilst cleverly exploring a series of fundamental questions in religion and moral philosophy. What is good? What is evil? How can you recognise them? Are individuals better defined by their own perceptions or those of others? Can communities be strong without aggression? Can people atone for evil acts? Can torture ever be justifiable? And so on and on. Great fun! It’s a terrible pun and has probably already been done to death but I’m afraid we’re going to be lost without Lost.