This evening we went to the Kaaitheater to sit in on the second edition of Liquid Room. Faithful readers of this blog might remember the first edition, back in April 2009. We were treated to a rich feast. Chief among our discoveries in terms of modern works was the music of Benjamin De la Fuente, who was himself present and playing as a guest musician. And among older modern music, there were several pieces by Harry Partch. But for me personally the icing on the cake came right at the end of the concert, when we were treated to a performance of Philip Glass’s ‘Piece in the Shape of a Square.’ (And Dimitriou and Schmid played it faster than the example I have found on You Tube.) It is written for two flautists. Chryssi Dimitriou and Michael Schmid stood at opposite ends of the hall. Before them were ranged eight music stands with sixteen sheets of music. From my vantage point, behind Dimitriou, I could see that she had colour-coded each round of bars. They got it note perfect. Wonderful stuff.