This morning we pedalled down to a crowded Grand Place and ducked behind a very popular beer festival into the Hôtel de Ville to visit a lovely exhibition entitled ‘Le Baroque dévoilé’. Brussels is full of Baroque jewels, particularly in terms of architecture (and, indeed, visitors are given a free tour guide to some of the principle works in central Brussels) and sculpture (young Manneken-Pis is a good example). But it is also rich in the artists’ and architects’ preparatory work, which mostly languishes behind closed doors. The curators of this exhibition have very cleverly selected a number of preparatory drawings and terracotta models and juxtaposed them with high-quality photographs of the finished works in situ. There are also a number of original oak carvings. If you’re in town, it’s worth a visit (it’s on until 25 September). Some of the terracotta preparatory sculptures are of exquisite quality.