Languages again


A graphic illustration of providing translation into and out of twenty two languages was provided by my colleagues in the Translation Directorate the other day. It speaks for itself, really.


  1. James Stevens


    I am right in thinking you all go through pivot languages to reduce this complexity, no?



  2. Graham Williams

    Now here’s an interesting quote: “The cost of translation represents less than 2 (two) euros per year and per European citizen, or 0.8% of the administrative budget of the European Union. It’s not a lot to pay to do justice to the identity of different groups.”

    Who said it? François Ost, vice-rector of the Facultés universitaires Saint-Louis in Brussels, so he should know. The quote comes from page 11 of “Le Vif L’Express” no. 3031 for the week 7-13 August 2009 (no extra charge for the translation).

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