La Dolce Vita – Italian cultural evening

Soirée Italienne002A tradition has grown at the Committee whereby on the Wednesday evenings of our plenary sessions ‘cultural evenings’ are organised. These provide food and refreshment but are primarily windows to illustrate the culture of a particular country or region. This evening the country was Italy, the country of our current President, Mario Sepi. Through the generosity of a number of Italian companies and organisations we were treated to a sumptuous feast and a wide array of examples of Italian culture, from antiquity through to modern times. As part of my official duties (honest) I posed with some examples of Italian fashion garments. The clothes, as you can see, were magnificent.


  1. oliveira

    Watched twice your wishes to staff and printed the message.
    Nice piece of communication.
    Great work from the communication department, congratulations.


  2. Malosse Henri

    To be Secretary general of the EESC brings you all kind of good fortune (see the picture..) !!!!!

    From Henri M

    Kind regards and Merry Christmas

  3. Malosse Henri

    being the S Gal of the EESC offers you nice surprises and some privileges

    From henri M

    Kind regards and happy New year


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