To the Palais des Beaux Arts this evening for an evening of sublime music with the Kremerata Baltica, its founding director and first violinist, Gidon Kremer (picture), Martha Argerich and Anastassiya Dranchuk on the piano, trumpeter Sergei Nakariakov, and percussionists Andrei Pushkarev and Elina Endzele. On the menu was, first, an extraordinary set of five modern compositions, commissioned by Gidon Kremer, in hommage to Johann Sebastian Bach and Glenn Gould. The compositions, arrangements and playing were simply sublime. This was followed by Giya Kancheli’s chiaroscuro for violin, string orchestra and vibraphone, with the composer himself taking the stage at the end for well-earned applause. Next was Shostakovich’s first concerto for piano and trumpet, with the remarkable Martha Argerich (incredibly, now in her seventies) playing the composer’s virtuoso piece with all the ease and artistry of somebody arranging flowers. Lastly, we had five witty rhythmical pieces composed by Leonid Desyatnikov, with Gidon Kremer clearly enjoying himself immensely and infectiously. It was a wonderful musical evening.