To the Beaux-Arts this evening for a gourmand’s feast with the London Philharmonic Orchestra under the charismatic baton of Vladimir Jurowski. First up was Brahms’s second piano concerto, with Nicholas Angelich giving an assured and lyrical performance. His mannerisms fascinated me; minute adjustments to his stool, hunched anticipation of the conductor’s cues, preparatory caresses to the keyboard, as though brushing away specks of dust, and fluttering gestures, his hands like butterflies dancing curlicues in the air above the piano. After the entr’acte we heard an intriguing version of Beethoven’s ‘Eroica’ third symphony, adapted and arranged by Gustav Mahler; intriguing, and also entrancing. The orchestra were brilliant, by turns powerful and subtle, and Jurowski displayed great authority and passion. Altogether a wonderful evening.