EESC President Nilsson, EP President Buzek and TEN Section President Buffetaut

This morning European Parliament President and former Polish Prime Minister Jerzy Buzek came to the EESC’s Section on Transport, Energy, Infrastructure and the Information Society in order to present a proposal made by influential think tank Notre Europe (Buzek is on the board) for a European Energy Community. The President first explained that he saw the EESC as a body of particular importance in this context, since ‘we treat you as experts.’ Sixty per cent of the EU’s energy is imported. The keys to a sustainable future are access to affordable energy, competitive industries and environmentally-friendly solutions. Hence the proposal, which could be done within the existing Treaty structure, he insisted, and which would consist of a common negotiating stance with external suppliers, a common energy market to maintain downward pressure on prices, and common research.  Buzek ended his at times passionate intervention with the observation that ‘solidarity is still the most important principle in the EU.’