Grand Junction, as N° 1 sprog put it, is the sort of town where the main street is called Main Street. To be fair, it is the largest city in Western Colorado and is an outdoors sort of place – a base camp for those who wish to hike or bike in its beautiful surroundings (my picture shows the town from the top of a nearby mesa). We’re getting into Spanish territory now – particularly the old Spanish trails. We ate an (excellent) Mexican meal. Later, on Main Street, I found another very good independent book shop, Grand Valley Books, where I found just the book I had been looking for; a field guide to the birds of Colorado (there are so many species here that I simply don’t recognise – I’ll have to come back to the birds later). Later, back at the hotel, we watched the quirky London Olympics Opening ceremony and so now we are well equipped to deal with American bemusement about the odd bits (such as the homage to the NHS).