200px-volver_posterSuddenly, weekends exist again – well, parts of them, at least. As expected, we got to see the third part of the Matrix trilogy, The Matrix Revolutions, so I am now Matrix-complete. And yesterday, at a completely different level, we watched Volver. What a film! Almodovar has himself described it as being about the culture that surrounds death in the region, La Mancha, where he grew up. There is a lot of fuss but no tragedy, and life goes on at full speed  –  wittily summed in the metaphor of a dead body in a freezer in a booming restaurant. I was a little uncomfortable with the strong sub-text; that men are uniformly dastardly and women just have to get on with it. Oh dear. As to The Matrix Revolutions, well, least said, soonest mended.