Well, it wasn’t quite a disaster, but this evening (don’t ask why) we watched a 2010 thriller entitled Faster. The shame is that this could have been a good film. It starts strongly when ‘Driver’, played by Dwayne Johnson, is about to be released from prison. The warden asks him if he has any questions. ‘Yes,’ says Driver. ‘Where’s the exit?’ Sadly, it’s pretty much the best line in the film. When Driver is released he is in such a hurry to wreak vengeance (for the murder of his brother) that he starts running down the road and that is also a powerful image. But, then, before we know it we have descended into gratuitous gore and silly car chases. Thereafter, there are occasional strong moments (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje is particularly good as a travelling preacher who redeems himself and thus avoids death by admitting his guilt but also by arguing that it was through his evil that he learnt to do good). Dwayne Johnson does scarey and scared and desperate and determined very well but his strong characterisation is let down by a poor script. Too many loose ends and telegraphed plots. Oh well.