To Uccle early this afternoon, to the appositely named Silence crematorium, to say farewell to John Hellon. You can see good old inimitable John in this video, playing the man whose memory lapses (starting 34 seconds in). That’s his unmistakable laugh right at the end of the clip. The moving ceremony, topped and tailed by music from one of his many friends, was delivered in turn by his bewildered son, a warmly remembering friend, and his distraught companion. Those present will not easily forget that combination nor the man whose life was being remembered. I would like to illustrate this post with an image of John but cannot easily find a good one on the internet. I like that fact, for there was, as his son eloquently put it, always something enigmatic and unknowable about John. Postscript. Thanks to my friend, Vincent Eaton, I can now post a photograph of John and here’s a link to a video of him – typical John!