To Antwerp, for the third meeting of the EU-Brazil civil society round table, a permanent body for dialogue and cooperation between the EESC and the Brazilian Council for Economic and Social Development. The Round Table is yet another example of the growing tendency for the EU to flank its economic and political relations with civil society dialogue. On the agenda this time were two burningly topical subjects: social cohesion (particularly in the context of the current economic crisis and its consequences) and food security, with a final declaration expected to be adopted tomorrow. The meeting took place in a fascinating building, the Sint-Felixpakhuis, graciously put at the disposal of the Committee by the City of Antwerp. This old warehouse now houses the city archives but the architect has very cleverly kept the original features. On the other side of the warehouse is Napolean Dock (yes, built at his instigation). In the distance (on the left in the picture) is the old terminus building of the Red Flag Line, which is going to be converted into a museum about the process of emigration to the United States (over six million people sailed to New York from Antwerp). It felt as though I had somehow come full circle, for in early July I visited Ellis Island (New York) and remember well the Red Star Line posters advertising the Antwerp-New York passage.