ecolabelToday, my Committee of the Regions counterpart, Gerhard Stahl, and myself were able proudly to put out a general announcement to all of our staff and members. Our two institutions, the European Economic and Social Committee and the Committee of the Regions, have just been awarded the ‘Ecodynamic Enterprise’ Label, together with the maximum three stars accompanying the label, putting us in the top category in terms of environmental performance (only 14 of the 124 organisations awarded the label have achieved three stars). The labelling scheme was launched by the Brussels Region Environment Agency in 1999 to encourage good environmental practices in the private and public sectors. The judges were impressed by our waste sorting and recycling policies, our mobility and public transport policy, our energy efficient buildings and our energy savings, our use of unbleached, recycled paper, the organic products available in our cafeteria, the energy savings we have achieved so far, and so on. Of course, we can – and will – do better, but this was a proud moment.