We spent some of this afternoon in Denver’s Museum of Contemporary Art. The new Liebeskind architecture (see the picture) makes you wonder how galleries can be arranged and sufficient light let into the building but, in fact, it all works very well. (By coincidence, N° 1 sprog had heard Liebeskind expounding on his architectural vision in the Bozar in Brussels in July.) The Liebeskind part is just the wing housing contemporary art, with the museum itself (Denver Art Museum)  spanning a street and housing a number of significant collections of American Indian, American and European Art. We were particularly interested in the American art, and more particularly American representations of America, such as Theodore Waddell’s repetitive theme of black splotches on various different backgrounds, recalling the massacred bison herds I blogged about earlier this morning. I was also interested by ‘lost’ artists Vance Kirkland’s space paintings – they seem somehow so familiar, as if they have been used on the covers of countless science fiction novels! But I’ll have to do a separate post to show the picture on display that I liked the most.