Ahem. Proud Secretary General warning. Every year many EU officials run ‘for Europe’  for a cause. This year the cause was to draw attention to the Year of Volunteering and 1132 EU officials ran. And every year there is a sort of unofficial competition between the various EU institutions and agencies and the European Commission’s separate Directorates-General. The institutions are ranked on the basis of their first three fastest times. The European Parliament, fielding thirty runners, came first, with an overall time of 4h16’57. And the European Economic and Social Committee, fielding just eight runners, came second, with an overall time of 4h23’33. Commendably, the Commissioners’ cabinets came third, with an overall time of 4h24’50. Embarrassingly, DG MOVE came second last, with an overall time of 6h04’16. But I shall not gloat. Oh no.