ThatcherLeaving aside all other aspects that will now be the subject of empassioned debate and media coverage for some time to come, who, speaking in Bruges on 20 September 1988, said the following? ‘The European Community is a practical means by which Europe can ensure the future prosperity and security of its people in a world in which there are many other powerful nations and groups.’ ‘We Europeans cannot afford to waste our energies on internal disputes or arcane institutional debates.’ ‘I am the first to say that on many great issues the countries of Europe should try to speak with a single voice. I want to see us work more closely on the things we can do better together than alone. Europe is stronger when we do so, whether it be in trade, defence or in our relations with the rest of the world.’ ‘Certainly we want to see Europe more united and with a greater sense of common purpose.’ ‘I believe it is not enough just to talk in general terms about a European vision or ideal. If we believe in it, we must chart the way ahead and identify the next steps.’ Lastly – my favourite – ‘Utopia never comes, because we know we should not like it if it did.’