This morning, together with my colleagues, team mates and fellow cyclists, Silvia Staffa, Fruzsina Dupas, Olivier Benoist and Zoltan Krasznai, I was interviewed by Dieter Snauwert, who works for an organisation called Bike to Work. From 29 May till 29 June some 400 teams are competing to see whether they can complete 50% or 70% of their journeys to and from work by bike. Since I always come and go on my bike, I would have been happy to aim at 100% but, anyway, the EESC Bee-cyclists (a name chosen by Zoltan, who keeps bees) are well on target. Dieter wanted to know how we felt about cycling in Brussels. For my part, as a longer-term resident, I think there has been a remarkable and entirely positive evolution in the way cyclists and bicycles are treated in the city. That has a lot to do with the fact that there is now a flourishing local democracy and government and the new, more bicycle-friendly city is, indeed, a good illustration of the importance of local government. Long may the positive evolution continue! (And here’s the link to Dieter’s finished article.)