Awful comparison

poplars-after1poplars-before1I have written several posts recently about the tragic end to a beautiful curtain of black poplars that were felled, no doubt for good economic reasons, by the landowner. These two images, of before and after, give an impression of what was lost and alos of what can never be recovered.


  1. Derek Osborn

    The velo-city conference was a thoroughly good event – both for the cause of cycling in Europe, and for the profile of the Committee. The Committee showed itself as being in the forefront of pro-cycling activity both in theory and in practice. I add my congratulations to all concerned, and additionally to Sven for blowing the trombone so effectively to launch the new lexicon. I didn´t know we harboured such musical talent – could the Committee field a full orchestra – or at least a chamber ensemble?

    More seriously I thought the Lexicon was an excellent concept. It is a genuinely useful and attractive small booklet that will reach a wide European audience, and put the Committee directly in touch with people on a popular subject. I would recommend the Communications group to consider other opportunities for outreach on these lines.

    Only one suggestion: if the lexicon can include Gaelic why should it not also include Welsh, given the special recognition now agreed by the Union for that language? (Having married a Welsh-speaking wife last month I must lose no opportunity of promoting that cause, and would be happy to help with finding a Welsh translator for the next edition of the cycling lexicon, if asked.)

  2. Martin

    Many thanks for these supportive and encouraging words, Derek! And my very warmest congratulations on your recent marriage. As it happens, Tom Jones recently asked me whether we couldn’t provide some Welsh interpretation one of these days, so watch this space!


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