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All good things must come to an end and it is already the last day of the course.  It has been hard work and good fun and very interesting. There has been a lot of interactive work with peers, bouncing ideas off of one another, interspersed with lectures and discussions with visiting professors. It’s always slightly invidious to single out speakers but for me there have been two highlights this week. One was Amy Cuddy, a psychologist by training, who spoke to us about the significance and the power of non-verbal behaviour. She was particularly fascinating on how brief non-verbal expressions of competence and power and warmth can alter levels of testosterone and cortisol. The other was Ron Ferguson (picture) an economist by training, who spoke to us eloquently about inclusion and ‘movements’ and how to progress through any process involving others. It sounds dry on the page but his exposition was equally fascinating.

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  1. joris backer

    Great company too, due to the diversity of the group. Thank you for the insightful morning runs along the river Charles. Your dedication for the greater cause of Europe is inspiring! I admit, one cannot be punctual enough when the Swiss are involved. See you soon, Joris

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