So, this afternoon to the Rossi Contemporary Art Gallery for the vernissage of my better half’s vitrine (picture). The gallery owner, Francesco Rossi, likes to juxtapose the work of three or four different artists in the different spaces that he has at his disposal. I liked everything on show but I would like to dwell a little on Belgian architect, urbanist and artist, Luc Deleu, whose work consists of ‘propositions’ for urban life. One of them – city beehives – caught my eye, for it is something followers of this blog will know the European Economic and Social Committee has already implemented (there are two hives on our roof). But consider some other of his ideas: mobile monuments; car free noons; visible telephone wiring and electricity cables (as in much of Asia); protection of weeds; urban fish ponds… Deleu’s ideal world might be less practical than our real world but I suspect that it would be good fun!