A magical musical evening

Just the 3 of us

This evening we were invited by good friends to a magical musical evening. The setting was, basically, the living room of their house. For the evening it had been transformed into a small theatre. In between generous quantities of food and wine we were entertained by a trio (voice, piano, cello) called Just the 3 of us. You can hear them in action here. The three friends, all accomplished musicians in their own right, meld wonderfully around Dida Robbert’s voice (Danish, the cellist, Johanna Peiler, is German, and the pianist, Biem Van Hoften, is Dutch) to produce the sort of atmospheric music – love songs, broken hearts – that one can imagine in smoke-filled bars in the early hours of the morning. The audience was a mixture of young and old but clearly all enjoyed the show. Wonderful! Thank you, MG and S!

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